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Cribbing shamelessly from @mia_out, here's a space for you--if you want--to let the community know a bit about you and what you're interested in.


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I want in!


Other info
Eric Johnson
firstinitiallastname at monticello dot org
Change management in the institution, specifically how we who are charged with "doing social media" can best get our peers to participate, for the good of the whole.

@edmj on Twitter


Blogging occasionally at http://cybernetickinkwell.com

Susan Edwards The Getty

sedwards at getty.edu

susane67 at gmail

Strategies for managing social media in a huge institution. Individually, how can staff manage s.m. when it's just one of many other (probably primary) responsibilities.

@jolifanta - twitter, flickr, etc.

blogging occasionally at jolifanta.wordpress.com

Dana Allen-Greil Smithsonian, National Museum of American History allen-greil@si.edu Social media as a public program (as opposed to marketing platform); decentralizing control and empowering staff; transparency and organizational culture change



website with publications, presentations, musings



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